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Contoured Design & Orthopedic Support

To make sure you get a good night’s sleep again and freshen up with the Sweetnight memory foam pillow, our ergonomic pillow provide a great position for your neck and spine, ensuring that your muscles are more relaxed.
Thanks to its curved wave-like shape, it eases pressure on the head, neck and back, creates a relaxing sleeping environment, eliminates the headache of a stiff neck and uncomfortable sleeping positions, and ensures that your spine is in optimal health while muscles relax and give you a deep sleep.

Breathable & Washable Cover:

The cool covers of neck pillows for sleeping are washable and breathable.Our temperature regulating technology will keep the pillow cover cooling on the night.

Best Quality Foam:

Unlike most memory foams in the market,our support pillow remains consistent firmness and comfortable feeling all year.

Contour Core Design:

The high side of bed pillows can support your neck to keep your cervical vertebra on the right position.The low side is benefit for our spine to sleep straight,especially helpful for the back pain sleepers.

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Oeko-Tex Standard 100

3-year promise and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 provide the confidence in textiles which assures you using healthy and safe neck support pillows.

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DO NOT PUT FOAM IN WASH OR DRYER. Because of zippers decorative case design, you can easily remove woven memory foam neck pillow and washing the cover with the washing machine. Before first use, please unzip and take off the cover of the orthopedic pillow, and then leave the memory foam core alone on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area for 24-48 hours until the memory foam is fully rebounded.

Free Shipping to your loved one

Sweetnight memory foam pillow comes rolled up in a nice box.Shaking & patting it will boost it to regain its shape.Best choice for gift.

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