Mattress FAQ

Our mattress fits all frames, such as box spring/floor, slatted base, flat platform or adjustable bed. Even you can place the mattress on the floor directly. There is no need to place box spring if using a conventional metal frame. Just unbox, expand & enjoy it!

You are gonna love our mattress regardless of your height or weight

No need to wait 72 hours to use it, you can use once you receive, open it and return to its original, plush shape.
We mentioned 72 hours just to make sure it will return its normal shape after compressed, fold & rolled up in the box.
Wishing you a wonderful sleep with our mattress.

Sorry, we are currently only selling online, but we can do it in the future. Please be assured that our quality is guaranteed and verified. Also, there are 100-day return policy and 10-year warranty for our mattresses.

We only sell mattresses. It doesn’t come with the frame.
We also manufacture bed frames, but sorry that they are not available in the UK currently. Once they are available, we will inform you ahead. If you need it within these days, you can buy from local furniture store or even shop from Amazon.com.
Our hybrid mattress can be used on box spring, bed foundation / flame or adjustable bed, etc. Even you can place the mattress on the floor directly. Hope you will love it.

No worry, our mattress has a 10-year limited warranty.
We are confident that this mattress will last longer than usual hybrid foam mattresses do. In all seriousness, if properly cared for, our mattresses will provide you with years of comfort based on rest.

There is a 100-day return policy for our mattresses. If you are unsatisfied with it and want to ship it back. Just contact us by the email address: support@sweetnight.com. We will offer the detail solution to return.

We compress our mattresses with industrialized compressors for easy shipping. Once the plastic package has been cut open and the mattress actual size was gained, it is difficult even unable to be rolled without compressors.

Pillows FAQ

Our bed pillows come with a pillowcase, so you can sleep directly on it. The pillowcase is made of breathable rayon cotton, very soft and comfortable. Sure you will like it.

Yes, these pillow covers are machine washable.
To protect the pillow better, we encourage our customers to hand wash the cover of this bed pillow. The stuff of foam inside is not washable. But you can take off the removable cover and allow the inner pillow to air out.

Please don’t worry. Our pillow is perfect for all sleepers, especially for side sleepers. It alleviates neck pain and improves your posture to keep your head and neck perfectly aligned, helping you reduce tossing & turning and snoring. Just pick it for a peaceful sleep night after night. Hope this helps!
If you would like recommendations or have any additional questions, please reach out to us at support@sweetnight.com.
We are here to help you out.

Sorry, it is normal if there is a slight smell as it is new foam. Please put off the outer cover and allow it to air out for about 1-2 days. It is important to note that our gel memory foam is made of CertiPUR-US Certified foam without certain harmful substances like formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals. This Hypoallergenic pillow helps to combat allergens, pet dander, and bacteria too, offering a safe and healthy sleep surrounding for you and your loved ones.
Hope this information is helpful for you

The bed pillows come as overstuffed. It is full enough in general and there is no need for extra stuffing. You can take some stuffing out to your sleep preference. Our pillow is good for all sleep positions, especially for someone who is side sleeper or has neck problems. Just order and enjoy it. We hope this helps!
If you would like us to look into your specific case, please contact us at support@sweetnight.com,and we would be happy to see what we can do for you.

There is no need to put another pillow protector as the outer pillowcase of our pillow is removable and washable. And made of breathable rayon cotton, it makes you feel soft on the skin while giving a distinguished look with unique quilted pattern design. Also, you can put another pillowcase you like

Our gel memory foam pillow comes as overstuffed, there is no need to put more foam in the pillow, but if you want to add more, please contact us at support@sweetnight.com,
, we are happy to help.

Refund And Warranty FAQ

No worry, if you have to return it, you just contact us by the email address: support@sweetnight.com We will offer the solution to return.

Our mattress is high-quality with a 10-year limited warranty.
Just visit our website and apply for after-sales service.
Here is the link: https://www.sweetnight.uk/warranty
Please provide all the relevant information as required. After providing the required information, please click the ‘Submit’ button.
Then your information is registered successfully.
Please don’t worry, we promise every purchase of mattress from our store with a 10 years limited warranty.
Any questions or requests, please feel free to contact support@sweetnight.com. We are here at any time.

Our pillows and mattress protectors has a 3 years warranty. If it is defective because of quality issue, just contact us first so that we’ll be more than happy to assist you at the earliest.
If you have any other questions about Sweetnight pillow, you can contact us via support@sweetnight.com


Your Sweetnight goods will be shipped from our UK warehouses, which can reach the destination within 3-5 days during weekdays. Please noted that if the order was placed during weekday, we will ship it to you on the second day. If it was placed during weekend, we will ship your order on the next Monday. And we will let you know via email once we shipped the goods, or you can check you account page for more details.

Yes, all the foams we use are certified by CertiPUR-US.
All the foams have undergone rigorous tests by a third-party organization called CertiPUR-US. They have certified our foams without ozone depleters, carcinogens, PBDEs, heavy metals, phthalates and formaldehyde.
Constructed with individually wrapped innerspring and gel memory foam, our hybrid mattresses can offer you the ultimate support, comfort and cooling, and help those with back pain to get a good rest. Sure the mattress provides you with a healthy & comfortable night sleep rest!
All we do is to make sure that our valued customers could have a healthy & comfortable night sleep.