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Self care through rest and relaxation is a great way to put your best foot forward in life. Everyone needs balance, and we want to empower people to take time for themselves to reach their full potential everyday. Here at Sweetnight we have an entire team dedicated to research and development to improve and create new products. We aim to produce the most innovative materials and designs to provide you with the best quality sleep possible. We know what it’s like to wake up and feel like you never even slept. It’s our mission to change that and help people wake up ready to take on the day.

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Customer Reviews
  • Impulsive Buyer

    I bought this as I get too hot on my memory foam mattress at night and it disturbs my sleep. I know the cooling and hypoallergenic properties of bamboo as I have already purchased bamboo pillowcase covers from Sweetnight and they are excellent. So when this mattress protector became available I was keen to try it. From the first minute the quality of this item is beyond doubt. It arrives protected by a nice box inside a sealed quality zipped bag for hygiene. The protector fabric feels soft and pure and the skirting is extremely deep so it will indeed cover most mattresses even deep ones admirably. I am having the best sleeps, this product has lived up to my hopes even comes with a 3 year guarantee for piece of mind. There are a lot of bamboo products out there but you can trust this seller to give you excellent quality. The breathable cooling aspect of this mattress cover is going to be a game changer this summer for me, no more dreading going to bed on hot nights. I love the fact it just feels so silky too, pure luxury!
  • Garshan Gee

    These came in a nice presentable box. The two pillows were vacuumed packed nicely into the box. Once opened they quickly fluffed out into nice soft pillows. I’d leave them out for a day as they have a slight smell due to being packed away. Feels really nice and soft and have a good bounce that springs back to shape. It’s filled with Hallow fiber and you can actually see the contents as there a small zip on the side that opens where you can see what’s inside. It’s good that it opens as you could fill it up more if you find it too soft. Will see if these help with my husbands snoring.
  • Valerie Gail bartlett

    This is best memory foam pillow I have ever had!!!! The item was delivered by Amazon logistics so fast only few hours, unbelievable!!! And packaging is best, i bought similar pillow before, the quality is good, but never had packed as good as this one, after opened, I left it for over a night, just let releasing by itself. The memory foam seems a bit more firm than I had one previously which it is good, I don’t want too soft, after sleeping on it, the pillow is very quick back to normal shape, I think the memory foam material is brilliant, the most point is I feel this orthopaedic pillow helps my neck pain, I think not just the shape because the memory foam material is better than other brands, and it is also stated it has anti snore function, I m not sure about that, but this kind of pillow definitely helps sleeping.
  • Uzun

    I m bit difficult with pillows, I do sweat very heavy summertime and it make very uncomfortable with pillows. Getting wet and smell strong not really very comfortable. One of my friend advice to me to get one this pillowcase. They did good change to be honest. I find more comfortable.
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