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 The Secrets of Dreams

What are dreams?

Dreams are described as a state of consciousness characterized by stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They are full of emotional and vivid experiences that can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and even bizarre.

Some people would pronounce that they don’t dream a lot or even that they never dream at all. Actually, most dreams are entirely forgotten by the time someone wakes up. It is often said that 5 minutes after a dream, people have forgotten 50 percent of its content. Around 95 percent of dreams are forgotten by the time a person gets out of bed. So the thing is you indeed have dreamed something but you forgot it.

There are factors that potentially influence who remembers their dreams, how much of the dream remains intact, and how vivid it is.

How many kinds of dreams are there?

There are several common dreams that well all experience while sleeping including ones where we are falling, being chased, naked in the public, losing teeth, dying, taking a test, being unfaithful, or being pregnant. I bet you must have had at least one of these dreams in your life.

Whatever your dreams are, two common groups of dreams are often pursued for research: nightmares and lucid dreams.

  1. Nightmare

Dreams are often interesting, but they aren’t always positive. Negative dreams are referred to as “nightmares”. Nightmares are distressing dreams that cause the dreamer to have disturbing emotions. Common reactions to a nightmare include fear, anxiety, terror, and despair. Sometimes nightmares lead to psychological distress or sleep problems like insomnia.

  1. Lucid dreams

During lucid dreams, the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. The dreamer may have some control over their dream. Lucid dreams often occur in the middle of a regular dream when the sleeping person realizes suddenly that they are dreaming. Some people experience lucid dreaming at random, while others have reported being able to increase their capacity to control their dreams. Research suggests that the brain undergoes a physiological change when it makes the shift to lucid dreaming.

Why do we dream?

It is highly unlikely that there will ever be a simple answer or a single theory that explains the reason why people dream. We know that our dream cycle is typically most abundant and best remembered during the REM stage of sleep.

According to research, scientists have discovered some theories relating to the reason why people dream. One theory is that dreams work hand in hand with sleep to help the brain sort through everything it collects during the hours we are awake. You have experienced a long day with numerous activities and varying details such as the faces of strangers who take the same bus with you. During the deep sleep, the brain works to recover all the memories including the ones you have already forgotten, to filter what to keep in mind and what to forget.

Another theory is that dreams typically reflect our emotions. If something is weighing heavily on your mind during the day, you might dream about it either specifically, or through obvious imagery. For example, if you’re arguing with your partner and some problems exist in your relationship, you may dream you’re dating someone else who is not your partner, or dream that some more terrible scenes happened between you and your partner.

Can dreams predict the future?

Some researchers claim to have evidence that dreams can predict the future, but most often, this seems to be due to coincidence, a false memory or the unconscious mind connecting all the known or unconscious information.

But the truth is, some of the dreams can help people learn more about their feelings, beliefs, and values. Images and symbols that appear in dreams will have meanings and connections that are specific to each person.

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