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Why are you still tired after sleeping in?

Six common mistakes could be ruining your sleep

Sleeping is very important to all of us, but most people misunderstand the essence of sleeping and waste time practicing unhealthy sleeping habits. Below are some common mistakes people do with their sleeping patterns.

Mistake 1: Unprotected sleep

Many people set the alarm to wake them up, but once it goes off they ignore it. People love having unprotected sleep, but our bodies don’t.

When the alarm goes off, your mind triggers a period called rapid eye movement, which means that your brain realizes that you need to wake up. If you cannot help falling back into an unprotected sleep, your body system will set up another rapid eye movement. Unprotected sleep feels so good because your brain enjoys it; it is not the same case for your body though. This is the reason why people feel more tired when they take unprotected sleep in the morning.

Wake up, and leave your bed immediately the alarm goes off!

Mistake 2: Waiting to fall asleep

Many people, especially those who suffer from insomnia, lay on their beds while they wait to fall asleep. Normally, people fall asleep within 15 minutes of lying on the bed. If you don’t feel sleepy after 15 minutes, it’s advisable that you get out of bed and find something else to do until you start feeling sleepy.

Mistake 3: Jealous of those who can fall asleep on the airplane

Have you been in a situation where everyone but you fell asleep on an airplane or train, and you are the only one who feels bored and with no way to kill time? No need to be jealous; the ability to fall asleep on a train or an airplane doesn’t mean that they are lucky, on the contrary, it reflects the tired signal.

Mistake 4:Good to remember your dream

Do you always remember clearly what you dream about in your sleep? This can be quite a joy especially because you are able to share your dreams with your friends. What you fail to realize is that, your brain keeps working when you are asleep, which is how you manage to remember all your dreams. On the other hand, even though you have 4-5 different dreams a night, don’t worry, you still control your sleep quality.

Mistake 5: Sleep without routine

Are you the kind of person who takes a few minutes off work, especially when you are too tired to keep working, to take a nap? If you are, it is healthier for you to reset your routine and go on the regular track.

Mistake 6: Less is not always more

Nowadays, most professionals wake up too early and go to sleep very late in an effort to create more working hours. Our bodies need 7-8 hours of sleep everyday to support our functionality. The experts point out that people who sleep only 5 hours a day are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and other health risks.


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