How Much Sleep do You Need to Maintain a Healthy Skin?

How Much Sleep do You Need to Maintain a Healthy Skin?

How Much Sleep do You Need to Maintain a Healthy Skin?

Are you used to looking at your tired eyes in the mirror after waking up in the late morning? Are you sick of always being exhausted even at the beginning of the day? Do you drink a lot of coffee trying to make yourself more alert and get rid of the sleepy feeling? Well, is your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then it is high time you changed your routine as these practices are damaging the health of your skin.

Most people prefer spending money on expensive makeup products while ignoring the serious skin problems caused by the lack of enough sleep. If you observe the beauties around your area or know their daily schedule, you will realize that their healthy and young skin results from maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern.

How does sleep affect your skin? Poor sleeping habits tend to kill the fresh cells on your skin, causing you to have hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, darker undereye circles, pale skin, more wrinkles, and fine lines and more droopy corners around your mouth.

So, at what time should you go to sleep? What do you need to do before sleeping? And what’s the best side to sleep on? Every beauty should know the answer to the above questions.

First, remember to conduct a deep facial cleanse before going to bed. Feeling exhausted can never be used as an excuse to ignore basic, healthy-skin habits, at the top of which is cleansing your face before sleeping. Then you can set your alarm to ring at 11:30 PM to help you tide everything up in time to go to bed before midnight. This habit will take care of the darker under-eye circles problem.

During sleep, the body releases human growth hormones, which are necessary for collagen production. Collagen is the protein responsible for giving you shiny hair, strong nails, and glowing skin. As a lady, you should ensure that you observe at least  7-9 hours of continuous sleep per day.

Sleeping on your back can do better in preventing your facial skin from developing wrinkles as compared to sleeping on your stomach or sides. If you prefer to sleep on your sides, get a skin-friendly pillow. We strongly recommend the Sweetnight gel memory foam pillow to give you a cozy, beauty sleep all through the night.

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